Where people matter

People are the heartbeat of CPP. Our success depends on their energy and drive. That’s why we relentlessly focus on helping them be the best they possibly can. We have created a culture that our people want to be part of…a culture that embraces empowerment and permission.

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The way we do things is to motivate colleagues at every opportunity, going out of our way to create an open, honest and authentic culture.


Our culture is underpinned by Values that are meaningful because they were co-created by us. We reached out and asked what Values were right for our organisation and our people welcomed the opportunity to share their thoughts.


We aim to create an environment that inspires and energises its people – where our people have the freedom to challenge, collaborate and develop their own ideas and expand their roles in a way that fits with their development.


We also understand that quality of life and quality of work go hand in hand and so we do our best to offer flexible working arrangements and create a healthy work life balance.

Our values

Keeping things simple...

means we can focus on what we are good at and communicate in a straightforward, clear way.


means showing an interest and having the freedom to explore innovative approaches to make a difference and deliver an outstanding experience.

Being brave…

means that it’s ok to challenge and take a leap of faith if the intention is sound, not being afraid to try something new and inspiring others to do the same.

Working together…

means strong camaraderie and collaboration across the organisation without blame as we strive to do things better.

Consider it done…

means we can be relied upon to do the right thing and deliver on our commitments, taking accountability to make things happen.