Market relevant products

At CPP, we focus on highly relevant products and services which fit easily and seamlessly into our consumer’s daily lives.

We emphasize on consumer insight to develop offerings which are simple to use. We are thus committed to investing in continuous development of existing and fresh products and services.

All our product journeys are based on a genuine customer need. Insights from meaningful research help build products which address real partner and customer concerns. Our products in India:

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Card Protection

Protect your cards and peace of mind


CPP protects all your cards 24×7 against loss, damage, or fraud and provides global assistance, replacement, and hassle-free cancellation.

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Device security simplified


Protect your smart devices, laptops, and PCs against virus threats and accidental (including liquid) damage. Annual membership comes with single number assistance, LIVE TV subscription and temporary replacement service.

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Asset Care

Your appliances are in safe hands


A unique protection service to secure appliances and give them extra care with extended warranty.

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OneCall SOS

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Be prepared for the unpredictable


Protect against the loss of cards, mobile phone, or vehicle breakdown with just one phone call. OneCall will get you back on track.