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Making a bad day better for millions of people

Everyday life can be challenging, complex, and fast paced. We create tailor-made products that bring value to your business and make bad days better for your customers through removing hassle when something goes wrong.

Our products can be embedded or sold as an ancillary offering, and when integrated at relevant points in your customer journey, they provide critical value and differentiation.

How our products serve clients

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Customised products
Co-creation and delivery of bespoke products, insurance and lifestyle services - in combination with third parties - to fit your customers' needs
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Customer experience
Our platform creates simplified and transparent experiences to provide real-time resolution, in addition to fully managed, white-labelled, omni-channel customer journeys.
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Revenue generation and loyalty
Our products are designed to increase conversions and provide additional revenue opportunities - all while improving customer satisfaction.

Impactful assistance for life

We operate four core product categories; we support your customers with more aspects of their lives and across your product portfolio.
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CPP Card Protection customers

Please call our 24-hour toll free helpline number 1800-419-4000 or 6000-4000 (prefix city STD code) Or use our online contact form

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My Finances

When cards are lost or stolen life can come to a standstill. We’re here to ease the process and assist your customers, dealing directly with card providers to get their card blocked, and provide them with assistance services that save time, hassle and worry.

Card Protection

CPP assists your customers through a one-call service that protects all cards 24x7 against loss, theft, or fraud. The service also offers wrap around care through emergency travel, hotel, and cash assistance so that your customers are not stranded when travelling. Our add on insurance cover will also protect your customers against fraudulent transactions caused by loss, theft, counterfeiting, skimming, phishing, and online fraud.

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OneCall SOS

We know that life can take unexpected turns, especially when you are on the move. At CPP we assist your customers when things don’t go to plan. Our OneCall SOS service provides assistance for your customers when payment and PAN cards or mobile phones are lost. We help your customers too with cash advance, card cancellation, SIM blocking and roadside assistance services.

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Card Assist

Our Card Assist service assists customers when their cards have been lost or stolen. The service cancels and replaces payment cards, emergency travel assistance, roadside assistance and software security for their phones and laptops. We also protect customers for longer with access to their credit report to help them stay on top of their finances and an add-on cover to protect them against fraudulent transactions.

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CPP FoneSafe customers

Please call 1860-258-3030 (11am - 9pm, Monday - Sunday) for any queries. Or use our online contact form

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My Tech

Phones and gadgets are vital to the smooth running of our everyday – from staying connected with friends and family to helping us buy that last-minute gift. Our solutions help keep your customers phones, gadgets and data safe.


We keep your customers' phone safe and connected by providing anti-virus protection, and enhance the experience with Live TV and music subscriptions so your customers can get the most out of their gadgets. CPP also arrange repair or replacement services in the event of accidental damage.

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CPP Asset Secure customers

Please call 1860-258-3030 (11am - 9pm, Monday - Sunday) for any queries. Or use our online contact form

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My Home

We help customers make the most of their time at home and on the things that matter.

Asset Secure

We keep problems small through extended warranties so that customers aren’t out of pocket and can quickly repair and replace the things they rely on, like the washing machine or air con when they break. We also offer additional benefits like Live TV subscriptions, preventative maintenance services for appliances and a multi-lingual helpline.

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Asset Care

Our service protects customers with warranties for their appliances and software security for their devices, with additional benefits such as tv subscription services. We also keep customers safe on the move with a card blocking and replacement service, roadside assistance and airport lounge services.

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CPP LivPlus customers

Please call 1860-419-4010 (11am - 9pm, Monday - Sunday) for any queries. Or use our online contact form

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My Health

We know how important a healthy mind and healthy body are and we provide a range of benefits to keep customers in tiptop condition,


We look after the wellbeing of your customers through comprehensive health and wellness services like unlimited online and telephone doctor consultations, health check assessments and pharmacy vouchers, with add-on complimentary life insurance cover.

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